Call for papers

Aim and Scope

Basically, this workshop deals with problems related to the design and optimization of logistics systems in various domains and from a business process management perspective.

It is dedicated to exploring and mastering the tools needed for operating, reconfiguring and, in general, making decisions within logistics-based systems, in order to provide the customers and system users with the greatest possible value.
The workshop should provide the participants with a good up-to-date perspective on the tools that are now available for modeling, and solving logistics-oriented problems, on a large-scale, and with an emphasis on the business process and information technology perspectives. It should be noted that our aim, in the long term, is for this workshop to serve as a bridge between the business process research community and the logistics research community. Our vision is that the business process models, which are used on a daily basis for making the decisions needed for operating and reconfiguring the logistics systems, can naturally serve as the starting point for the problem formulations needed to optimize these logistics systems.


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
  • Modeling and verification of processes in logistics-based systems
  • Optimization of logistic processes
  • Collaborative logistics problems
  • Dynamic configuration of logistics processes
  • Compositional models for complex logistics
  • Risk assessment and performance evaluation for logistics
  • Negotiation procedures and formalisms, within the context of logistics systems
  • Management of processes in logistics-based systems
  • Value chain management
  • Integrated processes and logistics
  • Integral supply chain management
  • Information flow in international logistics
  • Streamlining processes to improve visibility and automation
  • Compositional models for complex logistics
  • Application domains: Information logistics, Logistics automation, Production logistics, Emergency logistics, Logistics outsourcing, etc...
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